Below is the area we cover within this zone.

Map of 100% EXCLUSIVE Target Area

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Counties Served

Bibb, Crawford, Houston, Jones, Macon, Monroe, Peach, Twiggs

51 Cities, Towns & Areas Served, With a Population of 343,948

Avondale, Biss, Bonaire, Bullard, Byron, Centerville, Clopine, Dry Branch, Echeconnee, Elberta, Fagan, Fort Valley, Franklinton, Griswoldville, Grogan, Hartley, Houston Lake, Huber, Kathleen, Lakeside, Lashley, Lee Pope, Lizella, Lorane, Macon, Marshallville, Meadowdale, Miami Valley, Mogul, Moran, Myrtle, Oak Knolls, Pabst, Perry, Postell, Powersville, Reids, Robins AFB, Rutland, Saint Louis, Sand Bed, Sandy Point, Skipperton, Sofkee, Taylors Mill, Terra Cotta, Walden, Warner Robins, Wesleyan Estates, Westlake, Wheeler Heights