FAQ Video Library

Vid 1: What Kind of Technology Do You Use?

Vid 2: How is Your Website Different Than Mine?

Vid 3: Are You Going to Compete With my Website?

Vid 4: How Do You Generate Leads So that My Business is Found?

Vid 5: Are You a Franchise?

Vid 6: How Does Your Pricing Work?

Vid 7: What's Your Marketing Strategy?

Vid 8: Can I See Some Proof that You're Actually Delivering Business?

Vid 9: How Are You Different from Other Lead Generation Companies?

Vid 10: Why Are You Exclusive to Only 1 Business in My Service Area?

Vid 11: Vid 11: What if I Don't Like The Mr. Dirt Blaster Website?

Vid 12: Vid 12: Can I Do This Myself?

Vid 13: How Did You Choose My Company as a Potential Partner?

Vid 14: What Are Your Criteria to Become a Local Partner?

Vid 15: Do You Use Social Media to Drive Business?

Vid 16: Can My Own Marketing Company Get Involved With How You Promote My Business?

Vid 17: How Long Before I Start to Get Calls?

Vid 18: Would You to Talk to My Marketing Manager?

Vid 19: What Happens if You Don't Deliver the Guarantee Minimum Business?

Vid 20: Why Do You Have Corporate Locations?

Vid 21: Is My Website Impacted By the MDB Website?

Vid 22: Why Haven't I Heard of You Before?

Vid 23: How Do You Promote MY Brand and Not Yours?

Vid 24: Why Should I Start Now... and Not in the Middle of My Season?

Vid 25: How Can I Track My Leads?

Vid 26: Who Do You Consider to be An "Ideal" Partner?

Vid 27: Can I Talk to One of Your Partners?

Vid 28: How Much Does an Exclusive Local Partnership Cost?

Vid 29: How Do You Know That I Got Enough Business to Meet Your Guarantee?

Vid 30: How Much Business Will You Generate for Me?

Vid 31: What is Your Guarantee?

Vid 32: How Lead Sellers Make Money From YOUR Profits

Vid 33: What's the Quality of Your Calls?

Vid 34: When Would You Terminate A Partnership?