Below is the area we cover within this zone.

Map of 100% EXCLUSIVE Target Area
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Counties Served
Dodge, Fillmore, Goodhue, Olmsted, Wabasha, Winona
44 Cities, Towns & Areas Served, With a Population of 157,728
Bremen, Bucksnort, Byron, Cedar Beach, Chatfield, Chester, Conception, Cummingsville, Danesville, Douglas, Dover, Elgin, Eyota, Genoa, Golden Hill, Hammond, High Forest, Jarrett, Judge, Kasson, Marion, Mazeppa, Millville, Oronoco, Pine Island, Plainview, Pleasant Grove, Post Town, Potsdam, Predmore, Ringe, Rochester, Rock Dell, Saratoga, Shanty Town, Simpson, South Troy, St. Charles, Stewartville, Theilman, Troy, Viola, Zumbro Falls, Zumbrota