Below is the area we cover within this zone.

Map of 100% EXCLUSIVE Target Area
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Counties Served
Atkinson, Berrien, Brooks, Clinch, Colquitt, Cook, Echols, Hamilton, Jefferson, Lanier, Lowndes, Madison, Thomas
96 Cities, Towns & Areas Served, With a Population of 134,807
Ashville, Bellville, Dills, Jennings, Leland, Lovett, Maysland, Pinetta, Adel, Alexis, Allenville, Autreyville, Baden, Bamburg, Barbers, Barnesdale, Barney, Barneyville, Barretts, Barwick, Bemiss, Berlin, Blanton, Briggston, Cecil, Chaserville, Clyattville, Cogdell, Cottle, Cutting, Dasher, Delmar, Du Pont, Durden, Ellenton, Empress, Flat Ford, Fodie, Fruitland, Greggs, Grooverville, Hahira, Haylow, Hollis, Homerville, Howell, Indianola, Ione, Kinderlou, Laconte, Lake Park, Lakeland, Little Miami, Magnolia, Massee, Mayday, Melrose, Mineola, Moody AFB, Morven, Moultrie, Nankin, Nashville, Naylor, Needmore, New Lois, Oaklawn, Ousley, Pavo, Pidcock, Pineboro, Pineland, Piscola, Potter, Quitman, Ray City, Remerton, Sandy Bottom, Shelly, Shiver, Sirmans, South Moultrie, Spain, Sparks, Stockton, Tarver, Teeterville, Tillman, Traisville, Troupville, Twin Lakes, Valdosta, Wagon Wheel, Weber, West Valdosta, Withers